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University of Economics, Faculty of Management, Jarošovská 1117/II, Jindřichův Hradec.

The Conference will be held in the building of the Faculty of Management (part of the University of Economics in Prague) in Jindřichův Hradec, a beautiful town in South Bohemia, 130 km from Prague, 150 km from Brno and 170 km from Vienna. The place is located in the central part of the town, halfway between the railway station and the city centre, within a short walking distance from them.

Jindřichův Hradec (Neuhaus) is a small city of 23 thousand habitants with a great historical impact. With first mentions from the early 9th century, the town noticed a great rise during next centuries (it was the second biggest town of the Kingdom of Bohemia in 1618). You can enjoy the third biggest castle in the Czech Republic (after those in Prague and Český Krumlov), Krýza's crèche (mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records as the largest one in the world.), a narrow gauge railway line to Nová Bystřice through a beautiful countryside of the so-called Bohemian Canada, and many other interesting sights. We recommend to visit the tourist information about Jindřichův Hradec webpage.

Google Map to the Conference Venue

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